El Cimarrón

“...Several weeks ago I had an opportunity to see and hear the rehearsals of my recital El Cimarrón by the El Cimarrón Ensemble of Junge Kultur in Hallein. I was very impressed by the energy, the artistic élan, and the human commitment they manifested in an almost overwhelming way. In Michael Kerstan’s staging this ‘performance’ becomes a very impressive, moving, and enthralling action, and I wish them luck and great success and thank them for their outstanding work.”
Hans Werner Henze, June 10, 1999
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Sonntag, 07.10.2018 17 Uhr, Gelsenkirchen, Kulturraum "die flora"

Hans-Werner Henze
 ·El Cimarrón
Robert Koller, Bass-Bariton
Christina Schorn-Mancinelli, Gitarre
David Gruber, Flöte
Ivan Mancinelli, Perkussion
Michael Kerstan, Regie
Einführung: Michael Em Walter

El Cimarrón Ensemble

hans-werner-henze-elcimarron.jpgHas been able to build up a great reputation all over Europe and the USA for their excellent and authentic performance of contemporary compositions.
The "El Cimarrón" by Hans Werner Henze has certainly been part of the standard repertoire of the ensemble for  more than twelve years.
The reputation becomes evident by  performances at the Salzburg Festival, the Norddeutscher Rundfunk,  the Ruhr 2010, the Salzburg Festival  Aspekte, the Theater Konstanz, the Theater Nürnberg, the Teatr Scena STU in Cracow and at the California State University as well as by numerous  guest performances in various cities of Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, Poland and the USA.

The international formation around  Christina Schorn (guitar), Ivan Mancinelli (percussion), Michael Kerstan (stage management) and friends Robert Koller (baritone), David Gruber (flute), Khac-Uyen Nguyen (violin) und Ran Seo-Katanic (soprano) focuses on extensively collaborating with sophisticated internationally renowned composers.

This intention has led to the performance of compositions by Hans Werner Henze, Agustín Castilla Ávila, Stefan Hakenberg, Sabine E. Panzer, Stefano Taglietti, Vito Palumbo, Mario Pagotto, Luca Lombardi  and Balz Trümpy, among them eight first performances of pieces dedicated to the ensemble by the composers.

Plans for the years to follow include premieres by Giorgio Battistelli,  Gabriele Proy and Jack Fortner.

Two highly acclaimed CD- productions (El Cimarrón, WERGO 2007, awarded with the Ö1 Pasticcio-Price, Memoirs of Elagabalus/The Egg Musher, VDMRecords – RAITrade 2008) document the high artistic standard of the ensemble. The formation is located in Hallein near Salzburg.





Angelo De Leonardis (Bassbariton), Gundl Aggerman (Flöte), Christian Schorn (Gitarre) und Ivan Mancinelli (Schlagzeug) agieren in dieser kammermusikalischen Erzählung, die bewusst improvisatorische Elemente einbezieht, sehr feinnervig und poetisch.