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Hans Werner Henze:
"Five Scenes from the Snow Country" für Marimba solo
Dauer: ca. 15 Minuten

"Royal Winter Music"
"First Sonata on Shakesperean Characters": (Gitarre solo)     
Romeo and Julia
Touchstone, Audrey and William Oberon
Dauer: ca. 25 Minuten

"Second Sonata on Shakesperean Characters": (Gitarre solo)
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Bottom’s Dream
Mad Lady Macbeth
Dauer: ca. 20 Minuten

"Drei Tentos" (aus: Kammermusik 1958)
(Gitarre solo)
Dauer: ca. 6 Minuten

Balz Trümpy:
"Ballade"  für Gitarre solo
Dauer: ca 12 Minuten

Luca Lombardi:
"Thamar y Amnón" für Gitarre solo

"Nel vento con Ariel" für Flöte solo
Dauer: ca. 8 Minuten

Neues Stück für Marimba, Ivan Mancinelli gewidmet (noch in Arbeit)

Sabine E Panzer:
"Vier Stücke" für Gitarre solo
(Christina Schorn gewidmet)
Dauer: ca. 12 Minuten

"Boring" für Gitarre solo
(Christina Schorn gewidmet)
Dauer: ca. 4 Minuten

"Assente I" für Marimba und Woodblock solo
(Ivan Mancinelli gewidmet)
Dauer: ca. 12 Minuten




[..] De Leonardis starts off [..], using many voices from bass to falsetto, crooning and moaning, shouting and whispering; he calms down a bit as Esteban’s life progresses and is a fine singer when required [..]; I like the slow tempos very much [..] The other three musicians are excellent, and an impactful digital recording is especially effective in reproducing Henze’s wide variety of exotic percussion.

FANFARE James H. North